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Kee Photobooth
Our Photo Booths: Bringing Joy to Every Event

Photobooths and 360 booths bring a unique zest to any event, transforming ordinary moments into vibrant, interactive experiences. They are not just about capturing images; they create immersive stories, wrapping guests in a world of fun and spontaneity. With a photobooth or a 360 booth at your event, you’re not just taking pictures, you’re crafting lively memories. These booths offer a playful, dynamic way to engage guests, whether it’s a whimsical wedding or a lively corporate gathering. Trust in these tools to infuse your event with an atmosphere of joy and energy, ensuring every laugh and twirl is captured in a way that radiates the true spirit of the occasion. Make every moment unforgettable, letting guests star in their own delightful tales, surrounded by the magic of 360-degree views or whimsical photobooth charm. 

Photo booth

Capture real-life moments by handing over control to guests, but with the guidance of a professional photographer. Every event will be full of special moments that you don’t want to forget the Photobooth will catch them all.
From price £375
3 Hour Booking

360 Booth

360 video booths are the hottest trending event booth around. Capturing the entire experience, our 360 video booth creates ultra-high definition videos with an added overlay filter and slow-mo boomerang effect.
From price £500
3 Hour Booking

Event photography

Where there’s a gathering of people, there’s the opportunity to watch moments in time as they unfold. So, whether its a corporate conference, an event in the community or a private celebration, I can capture the action as it happens.
From price £375
3 Hour Booking

our best Work!
Ren Hafid

If I could give 10 stars I would. Ash is a charming and dedicated individual. Working with him is easy and fun. He is outstanding at what he does. His attention to detail, craftsmanship and willingness to go above and beyond is second to none. The photos are absolutely brilliant! Thank you.


I appreciate the trust and confidence that has been put in me to create images that reflect your needs. I promise to work with you to deliver the very best photography that you can be proud of for years to come.


There are so many photographers out there, and it was difficult to know if we had made the right choice. We are so glad we chose Ash. He made sure that we got the images we wanted, and we are glad we trusted him with our special day. Highly recommend Ash and his wedding photography services.


We had been putting off having our business headshots for a very long time, mainly because previous experiences had not really been what we were expecting. I have to say, Ash’s approach was very thorough. He asked for all the information beforehand, so we had the minimum of disruption at our offices on the shoot day.

All the headshots were consistent and just right for representing our business in a professional way. Our website finally has the professional look that we have been striving for. Thank you, Ash, for a great service.